About Helen

Helen Petry Stowe is a proud native San Antonian.    Helen received her Bachelor of Arts in English from UTSA in 1999.  During college, Helen was a young single mom working her way through school.  After becoming certified to teach, Helen taught 8th grade English at S.J. Davis Middle School in S.A.I.S.D. for three years before attending St. Mary’s University School of Law and graduating in 2007.  In February 2008, Helen joined the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district attorney, where she sought justice for the citizens of Bexar County, and where she served as a felony prosecutor for more than ten years until being appointed to the bench.

In November 2018, Helen was elected by the citizens of Bexar County to serve as judge of Bexar County Court at Law #1, after winning the Democratic primary.  Helen has a breadth of experience in criminal law, having handled more than fifty trials and post conviction appeals as a criminal attorney in the following areas: juvenile, criminal trial, domestic violence, and child abuse.  Helen has also worked with the DWI task force, and as a state’s attorney in the Bexar County mental health unit.  Helen has presided over a multitude of trials as judge, working diligently to ensure due process for the individuals that are accused. In the summer of 2020, Helen took on TRAC-D, a DWI specialty court, that provides a specialized treatment probation program for people with substance abuse issues who have had multiple DWI arrests with the aim of achieving restorative justice for the community.  Helen has spent her entire career as a public servant in Bexar County.

Helen Petry Stowe loves being married to Jerome Stowe, also a native San Antonian, and is mom to two incredible daughters here on Earth and a wonderful son in Heaven.


Judge Helen Petry Stowe
Judge Helen Petry Stowe, County Court 1